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Peaceful Pagodas Attractive to Tourists


 Vung Tau City in south Vietnam is well known for its beaches such as Front Beach and Back Beach. Vung Tau is also known for its old pagodas where tourists can admire beautiful architecture and enjoy tranquility.

One of the biggest pagodas of the city is Thich Ca Phat Dai Pagoda on an area of 6ha on the side of Lon (Big) Mountain and about 3km from the city center. There is an altar there that keeps the remains of the pagoda’s first monk, Phu Vinh. It also preserves 13 the Buddha’s relics donated by Sri Lanka, Thailand and Myanmar.

The pagoda attracts many pilgrims and visitors by its elegant architecture and poetic surroundings. Tourists also admire the 19m-high Bat Giac Tower and the 10m-high Sakyamuni statues.

Not far away is the modern architecture of Niet Ban Tinh Xa, or Phat Nam Pagoda. This pagoda, built in 1969-1974 at Nho (Small) Mountain, is considered the nicest in the city with its modern and elaborate design and decorations. The first impression it makes on visitors is its two statues of good and evil.

Inside the pagoda is the striking 12m-long Phat Nam (Lying Buddha) statue and a giant bronze censer cast with images of a dragon, lion, turtle and phoenix. The censer was made in two months by artisans in Ben Tre Province.

Passing through Long Dat Town, Long Dien District should include a stop at Long Ban Pagoda to explore its design associated with traditional cultural features. The pagoda covers 3,000m² and is surrounded by many kinds of ornamental trees, bonsai trees and flowers. It has several statues of Buddha and Arhat and features many bass-relief and parallel sentences. All of the pillars are carved with elegant and meticulous patterns with images of birds, dragons, flowers and trees.

Not as large as the other pagodas, Long Son Co Tu is the oldest pagoda in Vung Tau. It is famous for its gold-gilded Buddha statue which is 1.2m high and its meticulous carving and dexterous lines.

(Source: SGT)


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