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Top 9 cheapest reliable laundry shops in Da Nang city

Danang is one of the most attractive destinations in Vietnam, you are traveling to Danang and wonder where to have your dirty clothes washed at a reasonable price, this service is not cheap at hotels and you should find a shop outside in order to save money. In this article we would like to introduce to you the most reliable and cheapest laundry shops in Da Nang for those who are in need of this service.
Top 9 cheapest reliable laundry shops in Da Nang city

1 - Giat Ui Sach
Giat Ui Sach is formed from empathy and understanding the daily inconveniences related to ''laundry''. To meet the trust and satisfaction expectations of customers, Giat Ui Sach applies all modern equipment according to US standards. Besides, Clean Laundry has built a professional service process to bring a "Wonderful Experience" in the laundry industry. cheap Vietnam tour
Giat Ui Sach laundry Da Nang city

Giat Ui Sach always wants to bring the most satisfaction in terms of quality and service when experiencing laundry service to help customers have more time for personal and family life at a cheap price. The store is always committed and strives to be better every day to gain the trust of customers, so it will periodically check and clean the machines to ensure that each set of clothes, each item that needs to be washed is always clean and fragrant.

- 76 Hero Thanh Khe street
- 27 Mr. Ich Khiem street
- 01 Pham Nhu Xuong street
- 87 Hoang Hiep street
Tel: 0236 374 1888
Prices: 9,000 VND - 15,000 VND / 1kg
Email: giatuisach@gmail.com

2 - Green Laundry Service
Green Laundry has been highly appreciated by local customers, domestic and foreign tourists for its service quality, clean laundry, fast pick up, delivery support at the hotels and homes. Green Laundry is a partner of many hotels, resorts and homestays in Da Nang. With an honest, enthusiastic, dedicated and experienced staff, Green Laundry is gradually affirming the leading brand value in Da Nang in the field of laundry.
Green laundry Da Nang city

Advantages of Green Laundry:
- Free delivery within 4 km. Separate washing, separate drying according to each machine (the most guaranteed service, commitment to credibility with customers.
- Using the latest washing machines and dryers today (the washing, ironing and drying equipment at Green is completely newly invested, to ensure that customers' clothes will be washed more easily when washed, softer to avoid damage. clothes).
- Use local tap water for laundry (to avoid alum contamination, long-term salinization is harmful to fabric fibers, quickly getting old or yellowing, losing pure white color with white clothes).
- Use washing powder like Attack, Ariel (you will be assured because Green does not use laundry chemicals of unknown origin that are harmful to the skin).
- Use fabric conditioner like Comfort, Downy.
- Time to return clean clothes within the day.
- 24 hours support for customers with no time. Sai Gon tour

Address: 20 Duong Tu Minh, Phuoc My Ward, Son Tra District, Da Nang
Tel: 0905 859 551 - 0901 977 633
Price: 5,000 VND - 20,000 VND / 1kg

3 - Giat Ui Hoan Hao
If you are looking for a fast and appropriate home laundry service in Da Nang, Giat Ui Hoan Hao is the best choice. Because this site is popular thanks to its fast shipping and extremely efficient cleaning while the price is quite competitive.
Giat Ui Hoan Hao laundry Da Nang city

Why should you choose Perfect Laundry?
- Owning many modern laundry equipment, reasonable price, fast delivery. Giat Ui Hoan Hao is step by step affirming the best service quality that we are providing. In addition, Giat Ui Hoan Hao also dry cleaning leather jackets and coats of all kinds. Polished leather jackets of all colors.
- Extremely high quality even though the price is not expensive.
- During the hours from 7:30 am to 7 pm, Giat Ui Hoan Hao is always open to welcome customers to use our services. Whether it's rain or shine, whether it's Sunday or a holiday, Giat Ui Hoan Hao is always open to welcome you. Vietnam tour packages
- Use high-quality fabric softener and clothes fragrance paper.
Giat Ui Hoan Hao carries the mission of taking care of customers' fabrics. In each wash, Giat Ui Hoan Hao takes care of each fabric, separating colored clothes and white clothes. Use high-quality laundry detergent and fabric softener to ensure safety for adult skin as well as baby skin. During the drying process, Giat Ui Hoan Hao always ensures that the customer's clothes are dry and scented with specialized scented paper.

Address: 127 Nui Thanh, Hai Chau, Da Nang
Tel: 0905 484 025 - 0979 165 161
Opening hours: 07:30 - 19:00
Price: 10,000 VND - 20,000 VND

4 - Giat Ui Tu Danh
The chain of Giat Ui Tu Danh stores with modern machinery and technology imported from Europe, Korea... operates fully automatically, the company uses a set of high-class imported laundry chemicals specialized for hotels. With a staff of experienced, industrious, meticulous in handling the most difficult stains. The chain of stores Giat Ui Tu Danh ensures to always serve customers at all times when required by customers.
Giat Ui Tu Danh laundry Da Nang city

You will receive the items after laundered at home with all the original products. With a package laundry service, you will not have to worry about unexpected arisings such as: stable service price, fast time, no changes in service, good service quality, low cost . . . Shop chain Giat Ui Tu Danh will bring you the best service quality with the motto: "Quick quality - Effective savings". Hanoi tours

- 32 Tien Son 9, Cam Le, Da Nang - 0973 684 343
- 531 Hoang Dieu, Hai Chau, Da Nang - 0965 865 749
- 02 Hai Ho, Hai Chau, Da Nang - 0365 550 777
- 239 To Huu, Da Nang - 0973 684 343
Price: 12,000 VND / 1 kg

5 - Giat Ui Kim Chi (Kim Chi laundry)
Kim Chi Laundry specializes in washing, ironing, steaming, bleaching clothes, blankets, bed sheets, curtains, stuffed animals ... With a system of specialized washing and steaming machines combined with high-quality materials. quality (such as: Omo soap, Viso, Downy conditioner, Comfort ...) knowledgeable and careful staff always satisfy customers. With the motto of operation based on basic values: reliability - quality - safety.
Kim Chi laundry Da Nang city

These values ​​have made the difference of Kim Chi Laundry and are the guideline for all activities of the store. The store is interested in establishing sustainable cooperative relationships with customers. Kim Chi Laundry is committed to service quality, meeting time with the most reasonable price. The store always listens and understands what customers need. Customer satisfaction is the honor and pride of the store.

Address: 650 Duong Son, Hoa Chau, Hoa Vang, Da Nang
Tel: 0905 537 237 - 0935 537 237
Price: 15,000 VND / 1 kg
Opening hours: 07:00 - 18:00

6 - Nang Laundry
Nang Laundry is located right in the center of Da Nang city. The store has a free delivery service within close proximity and more special thing is that Nang Laundry mostly has a laundry and dry cleaning price list instead of a kilogram, each combo costs from 30,000 VND - 70,000 VND. Customers can easily choose according to their personal needs at an affordable price.
Nang laundry Da Nang city

When using the laundry service at Nang Laundry, customers will enjoy benefits such as:
- Check and classify items for customers, also treat stubborn stains before putting them in the washing machine separately for each person
- Commitment to washing and drying separately for each person
- Dedicated service, prestige and hygiene standards
- Use genuine branded laundry detergent and softener
- Earn points for customers when using the service
- Free delivery - pick up for customers within 3km

Address: 341 Nguyen Hoang, Hai Chau, Da Nang
Tel: 0777 589 968 - 0829 555 692
Price: 30,000 VND - 70,000 VND / 1 combo
Opening hours: 07:30 - 20:00.

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